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About Private Contribution

Private Contributions TBA!

For more information regarding our private sale, feel free to contact us at: [email protected]

Regarding the Private Contribution phase, to prevent any attempt at fraud or confusion, any and all official contracts for potential investors, will be sent solely from our official address: [email protected] *We urge all interested parties, to contact us only at the aforementioned address, concerning any private contribution.

Why Littradex

Littradex, the all in one digital trading platform,

where traders can trade and exchange cryptocurrencies, copy trade skills and compete with each other’s trades within their investment groups. Traders must be vigilant about market fluctuations to take an instant action for better results. Traders who cannot monitor the market keenly can try trading bots to execute trades on their behalf. Trading bots like Bitcoin 360 AI 2022 use AI technology to find the best trading opportunities. In other words, Social/copy Trading, Margin trading, and Payment gateways will be running in a transparent, decentralized and trustless Blockchain. Our mission is to create all in one stop platform where we connect crypto traders, developers. merchant, tech enthusiastic and entrepreneurs. For the commitment, our platform is issuing its own coin, Littradex Exchange, Social Trading/Copy Trading, Payment Gateway, Margin Trading and more.


Littrade is the native security token of the Littradex Exchange. Token holders can qualify for discounted trading fees and profit share paid out in Bitcoin!

Cheaper Fees

Tired of losing so much to transaction fees? We’ve got you covered. We just made it easy, cheaper for you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Try us and see for yourself.

Littradex initially will charge a 0.01% fixed fee per trade. Other variations will be subsequently introduced, including maker-taker, volumed based tiering and 0 fee promotions. We have no plan to charge above 0..01%.


For the first time ever, traders have the ability to make their own trading strategies within the exchange, with 24/7 automated execution.


Littradex is regulated by choice which means the management accounts and operations are audited, and jurisdictional exchange licences are sought after. Users can trade with peace of mind.


Littradex is a very, very fast derivatives exchange with load-tested order transaction speeds of more than 10,000 per second.

All digital assets such as Bitcoin is kept 100% offline and secured by multi-signature wallets that are insured up to USD 100 million each.

Trade Like an Expert

Check out our intuitive trading platform with real-time market data, refined charting tools, and a painless order method.

Reliable Support

Friendly support team equipped to help you every step of the way.

Earn by Referring

Become a Littradex affiliate and earn up to 50% of all trading commissions produced by your referrals.




Traders enjoy 50% discount on standard taker fee with Preferred Status. Lowest fees in its class! To avail such benefits, traders must stay updated with the changing crypto trends. The latest news about cryptocurrencies will help traders and investors to make the right decisions that will fetch them good results.


Members get a share of the exchange’s net profits with Preferred Status. Profit is paid out in Bitcoin!


Inbuilt within the exchange, traders can make their own trading strategies to trade 24/7. First in the World!



Pricing Plans

Token Name: Littrade

Token Symbol: LTE

Total Token Circulation : 100,000,000

Total Token Issued: 50,000,000

Soft Cap: $1 million

Hard Cap: $5 million

Total Price: 1 LTE = $0.10

Minimum Buy: 10 USD

Maximum Buy: 100.000 USD

Payment Methods: BTC, ETH, and USDT


Phases 1

35.000.000 LTE Buy it

will be available in the Private Contribution as follows:

  • Minimum 10 USD - 50,000 USD (Discount 10%) in ETH/ BTC/ USDT Tokens
  • Minimum 50,001 USD - 100,000 USD (Discount 25%) in ETH/ BTC/ USDT Tokens

Phases 2

15.000.000 LTE Buy it

will be available in the Private Contribution as follows:

  • Minimum 10 USD - 50,000 USD (Discount 0%) in ETH/ BTC/ USDT Tokens
  • Minimum 50,001 USD - 100,000 USD (Discount 10%) in ETH/ BTC/ USDT Tokens



Our Expert & Well Experience Team

Fawaidus Shafi

Founder & CEO

a CEO, an experienced serial entrepreneur with broad leadership across technology, software, and a strong supporter of everything tech. With my footsteps in designing technology solutions to bring success and development to new industries.

The evolvement of fintech brought up numerous opportunities for various markets. And it is up to us, if we will explore them to the fullest.

Fawaidus Shafi was born in Indonesia and went to high school and college in Indonesia. Fawaidus Shafi is fully bilingual in English and Indonesia, and can speak basic Chinese.

Kafi Achmad R

Chief Architect

Kafi previous work was cyber security, anti-money laundering, fraud detection, anti-terrorism, and many other purposes of data relationship analysis by both private and government entities.

Kafi also worked in the system section. An important project undertaken by Kafi is to redesign the global investment bank system architecture, focusing on reducing the number of systems, encrypting and safely handling sensitive data,

and introducing a new user security system that provides authentication, authorization, and recording audit actions.

Akhmad Fadhili

VP of Engineering

Fadhili has more than 5 years of experience in developing financial trading systems and applications. He continues to look for new ways to improve system performance and scalability

Before that, Fadhili worked in the Systems section in Indonesia as Head of Development, a market gateway with latency of under 2 microseconds.

Fadhili has known Fawaidus shafi and worked together for 7 years.

Asadullah Asad

Product Director

Asad has more than 4 years of experience in product design, user experience and trade. He encourages innovation in the exchange system, and pushes the product far ahead of competition in this very competitive

Alif Hobbi M

Strategy Advisor

Alif as a speaker, startup advisor, and mentor. LEAP program makers, Intro to Blockchain workshops, and Intro to Startup email courses are sent to thousands of entrepreneurs around the world.

Passionate about decentralized technology, impact, blockchain and innovation. Alif lives to inspire entrepreneurship and launch breakthroughs in growth through connection, collaboration, and community.

Celvia Gusmiasari

APAC Commerce Advisor

Celvia A experienced female leader with a history shown in startup and investment banking. Strong skills in product / business development and design, company strategy, user acquisition and retention, operations and marketing strategies

M. Syarif

Legal Advisor

Syarif is a lawyer who practices in the fields of corporate finance, securities law, and blockchain technology. Syarif ventured to advise clients on matters relating to financing, securities compliance, mergers & acquisitions, and corporate governance.

During the business, Syarif became a temporary CEO of a public company who wanted to restructure his business. In this role, Sharif manages the company through various phases including company reorganization, successful resolution of proxy contests, and completion of a strategic review process that results in mergers with other public companies.

Syarif always seeks opportunities in the technology space where she is in a position to provide legal and business knowledge, and immediately, with a direct technological perspective.

Dimas Andika

Operations Director

Dimas has years of experience in management and technology consulting, has led 5+ exchange system projects, and provided comprehensive consultations on strategy, operations, risk control and system development.

Previously worked as a senior consultant. He provided many Top 500 companies for strategic consulting and IT, and led a number of IoT, big data,



Our Strategy and Our Project Plan


Confirmed start of the Littradex Project


Initial draft white paper completed, circulated to potential angel investors


Announce Littradex ICO plan, and release whitepaper to general public


ICO starts (platforms will be announced soon)


ICO finishes, or whenever the coins are sold out

2020/01/15 active trading

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Littradex is an exceptionally high performance cryptocurrency derivatives exchange with an inbuilt automated trading tool — “the Orchestrator”, allowing all users to trade 24/7 in a 24/7 market.

Littradex will offer Bitcoin and Ethereum perpetual contracts with upto 100x leverage.


Littradex even offers a simplified mode for users who prefer to skip the complexities of other cryptocurrency derivatives exchanges out there. You can trade cryptocurrency derivatives even if you are completely new to this.


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Address: Jalan Kepanjin 19 Sumenep, Jawa Timur 69415 Indonesia